Sticking to my Lane

I have a friend who works in a very racial environment. I mean whites stick to whites and blacks sticks to black kinda thing.

My friend is black and she holds the highest post in the office compared to her fellow black folk. She is a very friendly person and will go out of her way to ensure that she is in good terms with both her black mates and her white bosses. (The fact that i am using black and white in this article is actually breaking my heart. But there is a picture i am trying to draw and it needs to be clear)

She is the kind of person who will apologize without knowing what she did wrong, she is the kind of person who will go out of her way to maintain a friendship. Now, my friend is at the top immediately after the white bosses and she sits with her black folk and eats and chit chats with her fellow black colleagues. She refuses to see herself as their superior in whatever manner.

Recently something happened and she had a fallout with one of her black colleague. No blows were exchanged and no words were exchanged just hostility from her colleague. It got to a place where my friend decided enough is enough. She bluntly told her colleague, if i have wronged you in anyway please let me know.

That was the end of the friendship. Now point of my blog today.

My friend learnt a pretty hefty lesson from her colleagues. Sticking to your own lane. She used to go out of her way to make sure that her colleagues were well and that they faced no issues. If she heard anything from the bosses she would tell them. She thought that friendship to them is important. She realized she has been wasting her time and that there is a fine line between Colleagues and Friends and thus the phrase stick to your lane. It is very important to know where the line is. She is hurting because she thought she had friends but no, all they did was use her. But now she has decided to STICK TO HER LANE.

Njura Njeru






Breaking News.

Life is a roller-coaster. We are tossed and turned this way that way, like in a matatu on Kenyan roads. Everyday brings a new thing,  a new wave of immorality, murder and whatever our society wakes up to everyday. We wake up to call girls being killed, we wake up to children being dumped in garbage areas, we wake up to students being raped by the very people who are supposed to be their keepers the very people we leave our children (teenagers, Toddlers and babies) with.

When a nanny beats up a child to vent out frustrations by the boss, how does it help? I am in no mood to get into that because i will write words that i cannot take back and i am not willing to go down that road.

When as a client you take or reach out for the services of a call girl with the intention of rape, murder and whatever else is running through you rotten head, how does that help the society? It just leave tears and a whole lot of anger and hurt in the hearts of the fellow Kenyans and not forgetting the victim’s parents. My condolence to the families of the ladies who were killed in Nakuru (these are the only cases that we are aware of). Thou shall not judge. I know there is a verse in the Holy book that says and clearly states that.

Students being raped by the very people who are trained to impact knowledge into their eager heads. How do we even look at this? The parents not being aware until the police call them. Did you take your child to the police station for studies or to a  school with trained teachers. How is it that a teacher looks at a child who is supposed to look up to him and see sex? How does a teacher look at a child whose innocence is written all over her face and see sex? I am shocked beyond words because i am a young parent and i am worried where our system is going to? There is a swahili saying that goes “Nazi moja bovu harabu ya yote” easy translation “one rotten potatoe in a bag it spoils every potato in the bag.” At the same time, we are not ones to judge.

I know our children are spoilt brats that have everything spoon fed to them, but regardless of all that, i do not expect a teacher to rape or even think about a student in sexual manner. In my school days, it was a crime punishable by expulsion if you were found fraternizing with a teacher. But then our teachers our old enough to be our fathers and mothers. The teachers nowadays are as young as 24 years old. In my very humble opinion this is one of the reasons why our teachers are lacking manners. They are too young and their hormones are all over the place. I think if we took the responsibility of raising responsible children then and only then can we be comfortably leaving your child in a school.

I do not have a solution at hand. But as the saying goes “Charity begins at home.” Let us take our children and make time for them. Let us be responsible of how our children behave out there. Let us be the parents who cares what my child does with her body and mind. Let us supervise our children.

Tough love worked for us. Lets do what our responsible parents did with us.

I love you mum and dad.

Njura Njeru


Help Me Explain

My sons are growing up really fast and i am scared they are getting to stage where they will ask all sort of questions. Now, questions about sex and boy and girl relationships are okey, i can find a way to answer them. My issue is question that revolve around gayism and lesbianism.

How, you may ask, well Read the conversation below.

(Conversation between my six year old and i)

Son: Mum, i want to apply what you are applying on your lips.

Mum: No son, this is for girls (He does not know the difference bewteen woman and girl. So we go with girls). Boys do not apply lipstick.

Son: mum i want to look pretty as you.

Mum: My son, you are a handsome young man. Girls are pretty, boys are handsome.

The conversation ends and i thank my stars that the conversation ended well.

A week later in a matatu.

Son: Mummy mummy you lied, you will go to hell.

Mum: (Shocked) what? When did i lie?

Son: You said lipstick is for girls, but that boy is applying lipstick on his lips.

Mum: I look behind and there is a guy behind us, with a mirror and he is applying lipstick and other make up.

(Ohh my, how do i explain this to my children)

Help me explain why grown men are wearing tight pencils trousers. That is not enough. We walk in town and alas there is a lady kissing her partner. My son shouts, mum why don’t you kiss auntie so and so.

Mothers and fathers help me explain this new phenomena in our society to my young boys. Help me explain why men are kissing men, why women and kissing fellow women.

Do not get me wrong, i am not judging any one. We have the freedom to do whatever we want, but as a mother honestly speaking that is not the path i would want my children to take.

Traditional love between a boy and a girl. What happened to opposite attract and what have you? How do i even start explaining all this to my boys.

Is it just me or are there other mothers and fathers who are finding this worrying?

We are so much into western traditions we forget what is actually just behind our locked doors. Our children are seeing young men in make-up and tight trousers, our children are seeing you ladies kissing young ladies. Where do we turn to?

Ohh how do i explain this. I still have not answered my child’s question of why i do not kiss (deep, affectionate) auntie so and so.

I still have not answered why that guy was applying make up.

I expected to get stuck on questions about boyfriend and girlfriend issues not on issues of men wearing makeup and girls kissing girls on the street. I am a sad mum.

Help me explain.

Njura Njeru



Apart from writing, i read a lot and i also do motivational speaking too. I have listened to Joel Osteen preach and i must say, he is a good motivational speaker. So i picked one of his books “Your Best Life Now’. I must say, i am not done reading the book but Lord is he preaching the truth. I have always known that there is power in thought and word. But Joel takes it to a whole new level. I am grateful i bought the book.

Now, how do i connect the book and what it teaches to my day to day life? That is the problem i get when i read the motivational books. Connecting them to my life as a Kenyan. Well as i continue to read Joel Osteen’s book, i have realized that all i have to do is adjust my way of thinking and also change how i look at myself and speak and think in a positive way. Interesting, right? Thought so too. Now changing one’s thought pattern changes a whole lot of things. How so? Well, putting in mind that we are what we think and speak about ourselves, that shows that our thought pattern is a key ingredients in shaping our future. I also believe that God is the ultimate speaker of our lives and future. They say, God helps those who help themselves. So now, the help here is positive thought, prayer and faith in Him. With these three (Positive though, prayer and faith) God will lift you up to where you want to be.

Thought process changing is a process that takes will power and discipline. How? If you tell yourself that “yes i can” and believe and pray about it, you need will power to keep saying that and believing and praying about it. That is where the discipline comes in. Something else that we need to keep in mind when changing our thought process is, if we want to make it in life them we need to also change the kind of people we hand out with. They say birds of a feather flock together. Remember, changing our thought process is like cleaning house. We need to do a 360 turn to make sure that blessings or rather God’s plans are manifested in us.

There is no way we can speak positive deeds and have positive thoughts yet we surround ourselves with negativity and evil doing. Now, given that we have the will to change our lives totally, we should also pray for patience and stick to what we think, do and pray about. I am 100% sure that if we do this and believe and let God do His part, success will be ours. You know why i am sure? God is our father who loves us, and as a father who loves us, he wouldn’t want anything short of good, success and prosperity for his children. He is the ultimate giver of Life and all about life. Life is short and He sure does not want you/us to live our short life in grief or strain. If only we could let go and Let God.

So as we embark on this journey, let us know that God has a plan and if only we allow him work his plan out then we would be a happy lot. I do not advocate for laziness, i do my very best and let God do his Best and i can assure you, his best is out of this world, His best is nothing short of perfection. I continue with my reading and believing and positive self talk and thought and most importantly Prayer and allowing God to do his thing. Yeah i said it. Let God do his thing. God might say wait, when you seek but he will never say no. His time is the best. So hang in there and wait on God, meanwhile live a life that glorifies God. God Bless you and God Bless the work of our hands.


Bye for now



Who Run the world

Before you say anything, please listen to the song and look at the world around us and just for a second go back to history, Starting with Cleopatra BC – Her “own beauty, as they say, was not, in and of itself, completely incomparable, nor was it the sort that would astound those who saw her; but interaction with her was captivating, and her appearance, along with her persuasiveness in discussion and her character that accompanied every interchange, was stimulating,” wrote Plutarch, a philosopher who lived A.D. 46-120 (Translation by Prudence Jones)

Norma Jeane Mortenson ( Also known as Marilyn Monroe) – was a gem with the guys. She had her own way and she used it to the full.

Corazon Aquino (1933-20019) The first female president of Philippines. She stood firm in her belief and the elections that she helped dispute are the same elections that made her president. During her tenure she was accused of corruption and attempted coups, she still emerged as the people’s choice after her stepping down in 1992.

Lets go to the bible. So God created Adam and saw that he needed a helper, He created Eve. The Holy book further states that they were naked and did not mind, they did not know right or wrong. They lived a very humble life. Now the serpent with his wit knew to approach the lady and tell her just how  sweet the fruit from the forbidden tree is and just how God had something going on and did not want them to find out. She (Eve) took bait and had the fruit but hey she is gonna share with her husband. I mean he is the man of her life; the only man at that so hell yeah she had to share. And the bible goes on to tell us how God got pissed and cursed us. See woman was the link between serpent and Adam.  Hey do not get me wrong, i am a woman.
Remember Samson? Yes the strongest guy, he was brought down by a woman. Delilah (nice name for a baby girl)

There is a saying that goes “behind every successful man there is a woman” would it be so wrong to say behind every unsuccessful man is a woman?
Mother Teressa (Her soul rest in peace) was God’s gift to man.

My point is, women, we run the world and God had a plan for us from the word go. He did not create us to be door mats or to be kicked around. He made comforters and  companions. He created care givers; lovers and so on. If these qualities are taken for granted then things will go very wrong.

Women are home makers and home breakers. Look at our society today. We make and break our own homes. Yes the man helps but at the end of the day we have the power.

Ladies lets build our homes and in the long run we will build  a stable country. we have the power needed God made sure of that. (Strength of a woman)




wrong in so many ways

Oh my God.. i do not even know what to say, why? Who chops of their man’s genitals… My sisters in Nyeri have got it really wrong. Their is no difference between that and stripping women. Yes. i said it. Beating up your husband, cutting off  genitals is so wrong in many ways. Where did we learn this fowl behavior from.

“Do to the other what you would like to be done to you” I know the animal instincts in our men at times can be too cruel and at the same time our men can be so childish and idiotic. But then again they are only human and as the saying goes “humano es al erroy y perdonar es divino” (Human is to err, forgive devine) regardless of what language you use, the meaning is the same. So, Nyeri ladies, your guys drink themselves silly, sure they feel like they can throw punches at you (Not sure who said a wife is a punching bag.) i am sure cutting off their genitals is not the best resolve.

When they are drunk they are weak, when they are sober (some of them) are strong but darlings cutting off? No that is not the answer. (What i would do) i would work my ass off and leave the worthless SOB. (forgive my language). Why? Cutting off the genitals will only give you extra work and court dates. Extra work? when the bugger is out of hospital, you will be the one to take care of him and your kids will see this.

Leave? Yes ladies, Leave him alone. Go get wok bring your kids up and they will always see their sorry ass dad lying in ditches and they will know that mum did it all (mum raised us, mum made us who we are). i wish there was a way i would transfer the energy am feeling right about now to the women in Nyeri. Ladies lets put down the pangas and bring our little boys and girls up to be better people in the future. How, leading your life without putting anyone in danger. Spare them the physical pain and dish them the emotional pain. How? do not give a hoot and bring up your little ladies and boys to be good God fearing and RESPONSIBLE people in future. I say this again, i do not advocate for any form of abuse in marriage or anything.

Women we are worth more than Gold and if that SOB does not see that, darling his loss. Those who are married to good guys, AMEN! and FYI good men in Kenya exist.. Yes they do. Look in the right places. or better still let them find you.

Ciao my darlings

Njura Njeru


My Struggle

I have been thinking about how to go about this piece and i still am not sure how it is going to pan out. This is as close to my heart as it gets. I have been struggling with weight. Yes.. am not fat, or obese or thick or anything like that. I am this slender petite young lady.

Now let me explain myself here:-I am this slender petite young wife and mother to two lovely boys. my issue with weight is am too small, slender, petite and all words that you may come up with. (I know someone who would kill to have my body) but am not comfortable in it. I am a wife and i look like a school girl. i am a mother and you might mistake me for my boys’ older sister. I am 28 and i can easily go to form one and no one will raise a finger about my age.

My struggle is real. I have always been cautious with my issue because i know people who are really struggling with weight, but hey am one of them, difference is, am just struggling to get big.

I eat, i try my best to be stress free, i take each day at a time. My mum keeps telling me eat eat.. Mum i eat..

I have not tried any serious diets or supplements. I gain little weight and lose it a minute (not literal) but i lose the gained weight faster than you can say thick.

If my friends saw me talk about this, they would go crazy, “Njura WTF is wrong with you?” Well my friends am being real with myself. i am simply not happy about my body at the moment.I want to be bigger or big.. i want to a big body.. i want an African body.

I have always written about what is around me. How men are stripping women and how terrorists are attacking us. Well its time i talk about me. Its time i say i want a new body. Is it so wrong to want to be big? Well if it is then let me be wrong.

Njura Njeru