Life as a whole


At times we fight battles that we are not even aware of. It gets so bad that we just feel, tired emotionally, physically and spiritually. The fatigue affects our well-being as mothers, fathers, wives husbands, sisters, brother or children. It wares us out and makes us moody and highly irritable. The slightest provocation is enough to throw us over the edge. We are snappy and can easily irritate those around us.

If we do not find ways of dealing with these invisible battles or dealing with the fatigue it causes, then we are in for a huge disappointment. Life will become a huge ball of disappointments, tears, blood pressure issue. We will die even before we see our future dreams coming true, we will not get to see our aspirations coming to be. It is a total waste of time, fighting battles that cannot be won, fighting invisible demons.

We need to find a way of letting go of all the negative energy in us. We need to know when to fight or flee. We need to know the worth of what we are fighting for and more so is it worth our energy? This is hard given that we fight these battles with so much gusto that we do not have the time to sit and watch from a distance and see what it is doing to us and our loved ones.

We need to have mechanisms that work for us and those we love. We need to stop creating a hostile environment for our loved ones in as much as they might be the cause of battles. We need to work on handling our anger and learn how to fight our battles calmly and silently, I know its like asking a snail to run a marathon, but we need to find a way of doing just that.

My mechanisms are reading and writing. What are yours. It does not need to be complex or highly important, it can be goofing around with your kids. Enjoying a swim alone. enjoying a drink alone. It can be as simple as watching the stars.

Find what does it for you and do it. Work on it. Be full of positive energy, for your own good and the good of the ones you love. We all know that positivity starts with us. If we have positive energy we emit positive energy to the people around you and with that your life changes and becomes a huge ball of happiness and joy. Yeah there is bound to be downs but if we can manage the downs we will always enjoys our highs.

Let us enjoy our lives. We deserve that and much more.

Be good and enjoy the weekend.


Life as a whole

Learning to Let Go

There is a saying that goes, it is never that serious. If you look at it with a keen eye, it is very true. We need to learn how to let go. Letting go does not necessarily mean you do not care. No. It only means that you are allowing things to take their own course and that you are not allowing yourself to get worked up over things.

In our day to day life, it is so tiring reacting to every little or big thing that happens in our lives. We need to master the art of letting go.

We are in the election year, given everything that is happening and has happened, we are tired of all the politicians, we wish we can get a new crop of politicians, we wish we can see the current politicians all rot in jail, Right? Yes. At-least i know i do. why? because they are just wasting our time and resources promising us how they will be good and how they are going to work in our interest. We all know that all that is propaganda. We can count the number of politicians who are actually working. In this case,  we can let go by not listening to their nonsense and voting in the people we know can work.

In marriages, when it comes to cheating spouses, letting go is the key. If we can let go and focus on us, the cheating spouse will be left wondering why he/she is being so stupid.

Life is best lived knowing that people will disappoint you and all you do is acknowledge the disappointment and move on Thus letting go.

How to let go?

First and foremost, you need to learn how to manage your anger. Assess the situation and then move on swiftly, if it is something that can be sorted, sort it out and move on.

Another way of letting go is letting go of excess baggage in our life. Excess baggage may be in form of people, thoughts, deeds, addictions and behaviors. If it brings you stress, let go.

Lastly, do not try to fix things that do not need fixing; also do not try to fix what CANNOT be fixed. Those are two different scenarios.

XoXo –


Life as a whole

Power of word and thought

Perception, what is perception..
Well from my knowledge, i think perception is how we look at things or events in our lives…

Example, what are monday blues? This is how we view mondays being the day after a weekend… I tried looking at monday as a happy day, a day that God has given me and trust me i do not have monday blues or whatever blues there may be..

So now, power of thought and word- look at it this way- think positive, talk positive and say bye bye to blues.. Easy no? Yeah very easy…

In reality i know at times thinking positive is not easy but, with practice we learn how to ‘thought stop’ in simple language, we think positive and talk positive and keep positive company.. Yeah i said it, positive company, people we hang out with influence us in so many ways… So mind your company.

Well have a nice day