Done looking…..

I have looked for a long time. For that one friend I can relate with, that friend I can share my ups and downs, that friend I can really talk to. I am done looking. I have three lovely sisters and I believe they should be my all time friends. I believe that they are that friend I have gone all round looking for. I did not see it before, but they are the friends that I never recognized. They are the non-judgemental girlfriends that I have wanted and yearned for all my adult life.

Truth be told, they will never screw me when I least expect it, they will never cause me pain knowingly and above all, they got my back at all times. Those are the friends that I have been looking. I have hoped from one friendship to another and it has become tiring, there is always something wrong. I began thinking something is wrong with me and I started recoiling back into me and telling me that I will never have friends because something is wrong with me. Really?

Hell NO! I am okay! Matter of fact, I am the best thing that can ever happen to anyone. I am Loyal, Friendly, Non-judgemental, Easy to be around, Easy to forgive and FORGET, Down to earth, Keep Secrets, Confidential and most of all AM ALWAYS THERE FOR YOU!

Is it so bad to want the same for me? Is it so bad to at-least expect that for ME? That is UNFAIR. To treat me with discord and go further and make me feel like nothing. That is so wrong. What WRONG have I done? Being there for YOU?

I am done looking. I am done being a “push over” – I put quotes because I am not a push over per say. I am just a plain nice girl. I do not know how to fight back, I do not know how to be nasty. I simply apologize and move on.

BUT NOW! I am done. I have my three beautiful sisters. And I am going to STOP and appreciate what I have. Its time I concentrate on the relationships that matter and concentrate on those who will not make it their sole purpose to put me down.

I am not looking for perfect, I am looking for companionship and complimenting. Just like a marriage, friendship is all about complimenting and companionship, a shoulder in good times and bad times. It is being there for one another.