Love Letter to Kenya ( My Love)


I am stupid and thoughtless when it comes to you my darling. I have let you go to the dogs for years and it is happening again. I have given control to people who do not care for you My queen. What a shame. You used to smile back at me and now you are as gloomy as hell. You are not happy my love, you are hurt and broken, you are on your knees my darling, and i am to blame for your misery my darling. I have allowed them to deface you yet i have the power to stop them.

My Love, how can I remedy my mistakes? How can I return you to your glory self? I want to see you happy, I want to see the glow in your eyes again. My love, I will forever be responsible for the blood that you shed, I will forever be held at your mercy. I do not learn, the same people that hurt you are the same people I fight for. My love, show me the way, help me fix myself so that I can fix my mistakes. I have the power to stop them, yet i allow them to deface you and torture you. There us blood on you my darling and i helped them shed innocent blood on you, I know you are holding a grudge.

Sweetheart, I am about to make a decision in a few days or so, I am going to make the decision for you my queen and i will make sure that the decision suits you my love. Because you are my one and only. Where i call home. The love of my life. No other country is as pure as you are. I will return you to glory my darling. I will make you shine my love.

Rest assured that change is coming and it starts with me.



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