Dear Mr. Politician

Hope you are well. (Who am i kidding?) You are well, apart from the toss and turns you have at night trying to figure out how you will get more money in your pocket by dethroning or maintaining the throne.

I am an average Kenyan. You say i am your boss and i hit my chest and say you are in that office because i said so. Interesting. As the boss, i have power to correct you and also sack you right? Well that is not the case. (who is fooling who?)

In addition to being an average Kenyan, i am also the same Kenyan you hire to fight my fellow Kenyan (you must think am stupid) i cannot blame you, i have shown you my weakness and you being the calculative and menacing being you are you use it against me. I am also the Kenyan whose brother, sister, mother, father and children (None of who are related to you) were killed during the post election violence that was all so that you can have the throne. (Again you must think i am stupid). I am also the same Kenyan who killed my neighbor because he/she is from another community (Again, not related to you).

Well, i think i am in a position to say that, I am not that Kenyan again. None of you is worth being in power. None of you has proven beyond reasonable doubt that you can take care of my Motherland. You can stop the bickering you are doing and start working on the job we employed you to do. You can stop seeing the spec in your brother’s eye and look att the log in your eye.

I am a fed up Kenyan and considering your actions are not making it any better i am really considering the option of relieving you of your duties. Seriously! I am. I still have the power to do that right?

You can stop the tossing and turning in your beds. The money you have is enough to last you a lifetime. Let us look for other employees who will be able to do what you cannot.

I think i can end my letter there. Hope it sinks in your gluttonous heads.







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