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Life is a roller-coaster. We are tossed and turned this way that way, like in a matatu on Kenyan roads. Everyday brings a new thing,  a new wave of immorality, murder and whatever our society wakes up to everyday. We wake up to call girls being killed, we wake up to children being dumped in garbage areas, we wake up to students being raped by the very people who are supposed to be their keepers the very people we leave our children (teenagers, Toddlers and babies) with.

When a nanny beats up a child to vent out frustrations by the boss, how does it help? I am in no mood to get into that because i will write words that i cannot take back and i am not willing to go down that road.

When as a client you take or reach out for the services of a call girl with the intention of rape, murder and whatever else is running through you rotten head, how does that help the society? It just leave tears and a whole lot of anger and hurt in the hearts of the fellow Kenyans and not forgetting the victim’s parents. My condolence to the families of the ladies who were killed in Nakuru (these are the only cases that we are aware of). Thou shall not judge. I know there is a verse in the Holy book that says and clearly states that.

Students being raped by the very people who are trained to impact knowledge into their eager heads. How do we even look at this? The parents not being aware until the police call them. Did you take your child to the police station for studies or to a  school with trained teachers. How is it that a teacher looks at a child who is supposed to look up to him and see sex? How does a teacher look at a child whose innocence is written all over her face and see sex? I am shocked beyond words because i am a young parent and i am worried where our system is going to? There is a swahili saying that goes “Nazi moja bovu harabu ya yote” easy translation “one rotten potatoe in a bag it spoils every potato in the bag.” At the same time, we are not ones to judge.

I know our children are spoilt brats that have everything spoon fed to them, but regardless of all that, i do not expect a teacher to rape or even think about a student in sexual manner. In my school days, it was a crime punishable by expulsion if you were found fraternizing with a teacher. But then our teachers our old enough to be our fathers and mothers. The teachers nowadays are as young as 24 years old. In my very humble opinion this is one of the reasons why our teachers are lacking manners. They are too young and their hormones are all over the place. I think if we took the responsibility of raising responsible children then and only then can we be comfortably leaving your child in a school.

I do not have a solution at hand. But as the saying goes “Charity begins at home.” Let us take our children and make time for them. Let us be responsible of how our children behave out there. Let us be the parents who cares what my child does with her body and mind. Let us supervise our children.

Tough love worked for us. Lets do what our responsible parents did with us.

I love you mum and dad.

Njura Njeru


Help Me Explain

My sons are growing up really fast and i am scared they are getting to stage where they will ask all sort of questions. Now, questions about sex and boy and girl relationships are okey, i can find a way to answer them. My issue is question that revolve around gayism and lesbianism.

How, you may ask, well Read the conversation below.

(Conversation between my six year old and i)

Son: Mum, i want to apply what you are applying on your lips.

Mum: No son, this is for girls (He does not know the difference bewteen woman and girl. So we go with girls). Boys do not apply lipstick.

Son: mum i want to look pretty as you.

Mum: My son, you are a handsome young man. Girls are pretty, boys are handsome.

The conversation ends and i thank my stars that the conversation ended well.

A week later in a matatu.

Son: Mummy mummy you lied, you will go to hell.

Mum: (Shocked) what? When did i lie?

Son: You said lipstick is for girls, but that boy is applying lipstick on his lips.

Mum: I look behind and there is a guy behind us, with a mirror and he is applying lipstick and other make up.

(Ohh my, how do i explain this to my children)

Help me explain why grown men are wearing tight pencils trousers. That is not enough. We walk in town and alas there is a lady kissing her partner. My son shouts, mum why don’t you kiss auntie so and so.

Mothers and fathers help me explain this new phenomena in our society to my young boys. Help me explain why men are kissing men, why women and kissing fellow women.

Do not get me wrong, i am not judging any one. We have the freedom to do whatever we want, but as a mother honestly speaking that is not the path i would want my children to take.

Traditional love between a boy and a girl. What happened to opposite attract and what have you? How do i even start explaining all this to my boys.

Is it just me or are there other mothers and fathers who are finding this worrying?

We are so much into western traditions we forget what is actually just behind our locked doors. Our children are seeing young men in make-up and tight trousers, our children are seeing you ladies kissing young ladies. Where do we turn to?

Ohh how do i explain this. I still have not answered my child’s question of why i do not kiss (deep, affectionate) auntie so and so.

I still have not answered why that guy was applying make up.

I expected to get stuck on questions about boyfriend and girlfriend issues not on issues of men wearing makeup and girls kissing girls on the street. I am a sad mum.

Help me explain.

Njura Njeru