Apart from writing, i read a lot and i also do motivational speaking too. I have listened to Joel Osteen preach and i must say, he is a good motivational speaker. So i picked one of his books “Your Best Life Now’. I must say, i am not done reading the book but Lord is he preaching the truth. I have always known that there is power in thought and word. But Joel takes it to a whole new level. I am grateful i bought the book.

Now, how do i connect the book and what it teaches to my day to day life? That is the problem i get when i read the motivational books. Connecting them to my life as a Kenyan. Well as i continue to read Joel Osteen’s book, i have realized that all i have to do is adjust my way of thinking and also change how i look at myself and speak and think in a positive way. Interesting, right? Thought so too. Now changing one’s thought pattern changes a whole lot of things. How so? Well, putting in mind that we are what we think and speak about ourselves, that shows that our thought pattern is a key ingredients in shaping our future. I also believe that God is the ultimate speaker of our lives and future. They say, God helps those who help themselves. So now, the help here is positive thought, prayer and faith in Him. With these three (Positive though, prayer and faith) God will lift you up to where you want to be.

Thought process changing is a process that takes will power and discipline. How? If you tell yourself that “yes i can” and believe and pray about it, you need will power to keep saying that and believing and praying about it. That is where the discipline comes in. Something else that we need to keep in mind when changing our thought process is, if we want to make it in life them we need to also change the kind of people we hand out with. They say birds of a feather flock together. Remember, changing our thought process is like cleaning house. We need to do a 360 turn to make sure that blessings or rather God’s plans are manifested in us.

There is no way we can speak positive deeds and have positive thoughts yet we surround ourselves with negativity and evil doing. Now, given that we have the will to change our lives totally, we should also pray for patience and stick to what we think, do and pray about. I am 100% sure that if we do this and believe and let God do His part, success will be ours. You know why i am sure? God is our father who loves us, and as a father who loves us, he wouldn’t want anything short of good, success and prosperity for his children. He is the ultimate giver of Life and all about life. Life is short and He sure does not want you/us to live our short life in grief or strain. If only we could let go and Let God.

So as we embark on this journey, let us know that God has a plan and if only we allow him work his plan out then we would be a happy lot. I do not advocate for laziness, i do my very best and let God do his Best and i can assure you, his best is out of this world, His best is nothing short of perfection. I continue with my reading and believing and positive self talk and thought and most importantly Prayer and allowing God to do his thing. Yeah i said it. Let God do his thing. God might say wait, when you seek but he will never say no. His time is the best. So hang in there and wait on God, meanwhile live a life that glorifies God. God Bless you and God Bless the work of our hands.


Bye for now