wrong in so many ways

Oh my God.. i do not even know what to say, why? Who chops of their man’s genitals… My sisters in Nyeri have got it really wrong. Their is no difference between that and stripping women. Yes. i said it. Beating up your husband, cutting off  genitals is so wrong in many ways. Where did we learn this fowl behavior from.

“Do to the other what you would like to be done to you” I know the animal instincts in our men at times can be too cruel and at the same time our men can be so childish and idiotic. But then again they are only human and as the saying goes “humano es al erroy y perdonar es divino” (Human is to err, forgive devine) regardless of what language you use, the meaning is the same. So, Nyeri ladies, your guys drink themselves silly, sure they feel like they can throw punches at you (Not sure who said a wife is a punching bag.) i am sure cutting off their genitals is not the best resolve.

When they are drunk they are weak, when they are sober (some of them) are strong but darlings cutting off? No that is not the answer. (What i would do) i would work my ass off and leave the worthless SOB. (forgive my language). Why? Cutting off the genitals will only give you extra work and court dates. Extra work? when the bugger is out of hospital, you will be the one to take care of him and your kids will see this.

Leave? Yes ladies, Leave him alone. Go get wok bring your kids up and they will always see their sorry ass dad lying in ditches and they will know that mum did it all (mum raised us, mum made us who we are). i wish there was a way i would transfer the energy am feeling right about now to the women in Nyeri. Ladies lets put down the pangas and bring our little boys and girls up to be better people in the future. How, leading your life without putting anyone in danger. Spare them the physical pain and dish them the emotional pain. How? do not give a hoot and bring up your little ladies and boys to be good God fearing and RESPONSIBLE people in future. I say this again, i do not advocate for any form of abuse in marriage or anything.

Women we are worth more than Gold and if that SOB does not see that, darling his loss. Those who are married to good guys, AMEN! and FYI good men in Kenya exist.. Yes they do. Look in the right places. or better still let them find you.

Ciao my darlings

Njura Njeru


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