My Struggle

I have been thinking about how to go about this piece and i still am not sure how it is going to pan out. This is as close to my heart as it gets. I have been struggling with weight. Yes.. am not fat, or obese or thick or anything like that. I am this slender petite young lady.

Now let me explain myself here:-I am this slender petite young wife and mother to two lovely boys. my issue with weight is am too small, slender, petite and all words that you may come up with. (I know someone who would kill to have my body) but am not comfortable in it. I am a wife and i look like a school girl. i am a mother and you might mistake me for my boys’ older sister. I am 28 and i can easily go to form one and no one will raise a finger about my age.

My struggle is real. I have always been cautious with my issue because i know people who are really struggling with weight, but hey am one of them, difference is, am just struggling to get big.

I eat, i try my best to be stress free, i take each day at a time. My mum keeps telling me eat eat.. Mum i eat..

I have not tried any serious diets or supplements. I gain little weight and lose it a minute (not literal) but i lose the gained weight faster than you can say thick.

If my friends saw me talk about this, they would go crazy, “Njura WTF is wrong with you?” Well my friends am being real with myself. i am simply not happy about my body at the moment.I want to be bigger or big.. i want to a big body.. i want an African body.

I have always written about what is around me. How men are stripping women and how terrorists are attacking us. Well its time i talk about me. Its time i say i want a new body. Is it so wrong to want to be big? Well if it is then let me be wrong.

Njura Njeru


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