Dear Fellow Countrymen (Kenyans)

We all know the slogan ‘Change begins with you and me’ What happened to that?
My heart is bleeding for my Country. My heart is bleeding for the terror victims since 1998 to date. My heart is bleeding for all the accident victims on our roads. My heart is bleeding for my children, who do not have a safe place to call home because of all the terror that is going on. My heart is bleeding for you and me, because we do not know how to take care of one another. My heart is bleeding for the parents, wives, husbands and children who have lost someone in any way way that can be avoided.
See we are the killers in our country. Tulishindwa kumaliza corruption on our roads kabisa; that has spread to the borders. We are to blame for all our problems.
I spoke up to a driver who was over speeding and i was insulted and none of the passengers backed me up; i keep asking myself why we agree to board a matatu that is full and then the driver gives the traffic police 50/=, that is signing our death certificate for peanuts. All the terrorist that are in Kenya or are planning anything against our dear country, we are to blame. Why? Those guys do not come into the country via osmosis, they find their way in, some of them are our neighbors, as we recently found out, some of them are KENYAN! Why are we killing ourselves with corruption? why is it so hard to wait for the next matatu? why do we watch as others are insulted for standing by the law? are we that heartless? WHY are we killing each other??? Why are we being so cruel to our country? We are making our country a river of blood. We are killing our future, we are killing our present.

I have listened to people rant about the government not doing enough, QUESTION IS “What have you done? What have i done as an individual?” The government has failed in one way or the other. But I have failed in so many ways. You have failed in so many ways. Before the government is able to fight CORRUPTION, a song we have sung since i can remember, we need to be able to STAND our ground and refuse to bribe our way into everything, that would be a way of starting the fight against corruption.

Garrissa attack was a cry for help. A very Loud cry for help from our children, our sisters and bothers and at the same time our beloved country.

We need to stop waiting for the government to give solutions, we need to be the solutions.

See, it does not matter that you did not lose a loved one in any of these attacks, what matters is that it happened in our own back yard. It happened and no matter how we try to blame the government the dead will not raise the survivors have mental torture everyday of their lives. The last time i checked the goons in power were employed by us, they have a job description but the bosses (we) are being killed mercilessly.

Let us be our brother’s keeper. Let us keep our 50 bobs in our pocket. I mean am sure am worth more way more than 50 bob.


Njura Njeru


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