Dear Love

Dear Love,

See, my mama told me that Love comes and does not knock. And falling in love is a once in a lifetime thing.

Now that i am a mother, i am not sure what to tell my children, thus my letter to you. I have a couple of questions to ask you and i sure hope i get an answer.

Is Love your real name?

They say that love happens only once, what if it happens twice? How am i supposed to handle that?

I have seen you handy work in love triangles, is that how you get when someone gets on your nerves?

Falling is painful, why do i have to fall in love? What is the difference between Love and Lust? and which comes first love or lust?

Love is so beautiful, why do people in love hurt so bad?

Does love between two people end?

When do you say enough is enough and walk out of people hearts?

Oiiii i have so many questions but the major one is; how true is true Love?

I have read so many books the Holy Book included but i still have questions.

I hope you reply my letter. Weird Right? A girl is allowed to dream…


Njura Njeru


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