joie de vivre… I woke up this morning with a smile on my face… Why because i am alive and the man of my dreams is snoring next to me… I helped my son get ready for school we had breakfast together (see its our new rule, the first meal of the day should be shared). I left for work and i felt a sparkle in my eyes.. Why? I had a new lease to life… In my life there is nothing like monday blues or whatever blues that may be.. I use all the people and situations in life as a stepping stone to better things. I value everyone in my life and listen to what they have to say before i judge or make a conclusion.. Yeah am that fair and thus i always have a smile on my pretty face and the end result is a sparkle that is always present.. I have my downs but i do not stay down for long.. I have read widely and am told i am a good activist. If the shoe fits?
Lovely day