My two cents 🎀 (by njuranjeru)

Do we (ladies) dress scantly? Yes
Do you (men) have a right to strip us as punishment? No
We are in the 21st century where what i put on is non of your business, but at the same time what i wear should not be an insult to my kind…. Instead of men stripping a scantly dressed woman, why not tie a lesso or khanga around her to cover the parts that are out….. #Idea#…. The fact that you (men) are stripping scantly dressed women to punish shows that the log in your eye is humongous and all you are busy seeing is my spec… Now gentlemen, if i may call you that, not that you deserve the title but again who am i to deny you that pleasure… The woman you are busy stripping or inserting your filthy hands into, is a mother, a sister, a daughter and a wife… What would you gentleman do if you found your kind doing that exact thing to your wife, mother, daughter? Don’t like the feeling or the thought now? Do you? Thought so! 😡
The trauma you subject these women to is humongous than your bruised egos..
Solution? I do not think stripping is the solution….
We are all human…..
As the head of your house (men) sit the women in your house down and talk to them…. Women give a listening ear to our men folk and heed to positive advise… We do not need to dress scantly to feel good… We do not need to show our bodies to feel appreciated.. We should love our bodies thus dress it in a good and comfortable manner….

👆there! My two cents..