Life as a whole

Power of word and thought

Perception, what is perception..
Well from my knowledge, i think perception is how we look at things or events in our lives…

Example, what are monday blues? This is how we view mondays being the day after a weekend… I tried looking at monday as a happy day, a day that God has given me and trust me i do not have monday blues or whatever blues there may be..

So now, power of thought and word- look at it this way- think positive, talk positive and say bye bye to blues.. Easy no? Yeah very easy…

In reality i know at times thinking positive is not easy but, with practice we learn how to ‘thought stop’ in simple language, we think positive and talk positive and keep positive company.. Yeah i said it, positive company, people we hang out with influence us in so many ways… So mind your company.

Well have a nice day


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